Joe Biden Should Concede

Conceding would be the right thing to do since it has become obvious to anyone who has objectively reviewed the election results that election irregularities were the reason Mr. Biden appeared to win. Accepting the Presidency under this cloud would seriously harm the Republic and undermine American faith in our election system. Mr. Biden, as … Continue reading Joe Biden Should Concede

2.2 Depressed? Look Outside Yourself

Is human nature basically good, or is it basically bad? If you think it is basically good, then no wonder you are depressed. The news media is constantly telling us about murderers, bullies, rapists, lying politicians, cheating spouses, racists, cruel pet owners, terrorists, and other bad actors. Those who think people are basically good are … Continue reading 2.2 Depressed? Look Outside Yourself

2.02 Does God Live Up North?

Santa Claus and Superman live at the North Pole. We know that fiction often reflects truth. If the great gift-giver Santa and the powerful Man of Steel both live up north, maybe God does too. The evidence is pretty convincing. We all face consequences for our actions. The farther north you go, the greater the … Continue reading 2.02 Does God Live Up North?