2.02 Does God Live Up North?

Eagle River Falls, Frozen

Santa Claus and Superman live at the North Pole. We know that fiction often reflects truth. If the great gift-giver Santa and the powerful Man of Steel both live up north, maybe God does too.

The evidence is pretty convincing.

We all face consequences for our actions. The farther north you go, the greater the significance of each action you take. It takes considerable work and skill to live in the far north. One decision about a trivial matter could mean death. If you get drunk and pass out in your backyard on a tropical island, then you probably just get up the next morning. If you live in the far north and pass out in your backyard in the winter, then you are dead the next morning. The remote cold places rejected by most men are unforgiving, and yet the greatest civilizations have thrived in the northern climates, probably because of the discipline that is required to live there. The farther you go north the faster you face consequences for your actions. The farther north you go, the more likely you will face God’s judgment.

God said he would put the goats on His left and His sheep on His right (Matthew 25:31-33). If God is at the North Pole looking down toward the promised land of Israel, the predominately non-Christian world is to His left, and the Christian World, including Western Europe and America, is to His Right. Look at a globe; it is amazing.

God created man in the Garden of Eden. When he kicked man out of the garden He said there would be a “flaming sword flashing back and forth” over Eden (Genesis 3:24). Perhaps Eden was in the far north and is now below the sea and the ice. The flaming sword could be the Northern Lights. (There are Southern Lights too, but they are not as visible.)

My southern friends would say that the North is God’s country because no one else wants it.

It seems pretty clear; God must live up north.

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