How has the country changed during my lifetime?

Cars are safer and more efficient, more people have cars, phones are better, people live longer, information about everything is much easier to get, shopping is easier, farming has become more efficient, food is safer and easier to buy, air-conditioning is much more common, microwaves make cooking easier, there are more people, photography is easier … Continue reading How has the country changed during my lifetime?

4.3 America’s Economic Foundation

Many people think that capitalism is America’s foundation, but, while it is true that America has a primarily capitalistic economy with a little socialism mixed in, America’s economic system rests on Christianity’s two greatest Commandments: Love God (that includes doing what is right and following the law), and the “Golden Rule” (treat others as you … Continue reading 4.3 America’s Economic Foundation

4.2 All Cultures Are Not Equal

Now and again I have read about the discovery of a tribe of people who have never been exposed to modern conveniences. Unlike the Christian missionaries who traveled all over the world at great personal risk spreading the good news of Christianity and the progress that accompanied it, the modern left-leaning explorer is very reluctant … Continue reading 4.2 All Cultures Are Not Equal