Evil Oozing Throughout the World

Craziness is the new normal. There are more than two sexes. Having no borders is good. Vaccines are required for citizens, but not for illegal immigrants. Identification is fine for everything but voting. Killing babies in the womb is fine even though we know beyond all doubt that they are fully human and have feelings. … Continue reading Evil Oozing Throughout the World

Biden’s Afghanistan is No Mistake

The media is reporting that the Biden Administration’s handling of the Afghanistan is a a fiasco and a huge mistake. While it is a fiasco and the immediate results may well have been unexpected, the long term goals of the Biden Administration and the political left are greatly advanced by the chaos in Afghanistan and … Continue reading Biden’s Afghanistan is No Mistake

A Reply to “10 things about Christianity…”

“10 things about Christianity that Jesus would not be happy about if he returned” was posted on Facebook by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on June 14 at 9:51 AM. It was written by Jim Palmer* (JP).  I found the post quite troubling and felt a need to explain what bothers me about it. My comments (JSK) on each of … Continue reading A Reply to “10 things about Christianity…”