Thoughts After Seeing “The Hiding Place”

Recently we attended a performance of “The Hiding Place”, a play about a Dutch family who hides Jews escaping from the Nazis. As we left the play, my wife said, “Sobering”. That was more than I could say at the time, very sobering indeed. In general, I do not like movies or plays about the … Continue reading Thoughts After Seeing “The Hiding Place”


A couple of months ago, we decided to drop out of AARP and join a lesser-known group called AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens). Although AARP has some nice discounts and benefits, and says that it is non-partisan group that does not contribute to political candidates, we felt uncomfortable with AARP. A play helped us … Continue reading AARP vs AMAC

1.4 Left Versus Right: The Civil War

Why the American Civil War was fought is not a mystery. The Civil War was another bloody chapter in the ongoing conflict between the Left and the Right.   People who were loyal to the Confederacy thought that their logic, perceptions, and experiences enabled them to judge what was best: “Reason, common sense, true humanity … Continue reading 1.4 Left Versus Right: The Civil War