1.4 Left Versus Right: The Civil War

Why the American Civil War was fought is not a mystery. The Civil War was another bloody chapter in the ongoing conflict between the Left and the Right.


People who were loyal to the Confederacy thought that their logic, perceptions, and experiences enabled them to judge what was best:

Reason, common sense, true humanity to the black, as well as the safety of the white race, required that the inferior race should be kept in a state of subordination.” [1] (Emphasis added.)

As more fully discussed in an earlier post (1.1 Right & Left), man’s ability to decide for himself what is right is a good summary of the Left’s worldview. The logic that led men to believe they could decide whether slavery was right or wrong is the same logic behind the Left’s current approval of abortion. The belief that man’s logic determines what is right makes those who supported the Confederacy no different than today’s Left and tyrants of all ages. Confederates and today’s Leftists both regard individuals first and foremost as members of groups. Whether someone is African American or white is more significant to Confederates and modern Leftists than is their God-given right to have individual beliefs and opinions.


People who were loyal to the Union believed that they had to preserve the Union to preserve freedom, and stop tyranny from coming to America:

“All men who love free government and equal laws are watching the crisis to see if a republic can sustain itself in such a case. If it fail then the hope of millions fail and the designs and wishes of all tyrants will succeed…”[2] (Emphasis added.)

The United States was founded on the idea that God has defined what is right, and that if man strives to do what is right, and treats other people as he would like to be treated, then life will turn out for the best. Those on the Right know that these principles apply to all people equally regardless of race.


The Left likes to blame the existence of slavery on those who founded the country as though the Founders did not really mean that all men are created equal, when, in reality, it was the resistance of the Left that enabled slavery to remain in the newly formed United States. The Confederacy broke away from the United States to establish a government based on human logic, like the governments of the Old World. Today the Left is trying to erase its role in the Civil War by deleting all remnants of the Confederacy. Who can blame them? The history of the Left is ugly.


The Old World has been racked with conflict for centuries. The founders of our country knew that and sought to avoid it in the New World by founding the United States of America on Christian principles and truths that are mankind’s only hope for freedom. Every attempt to weaken the foundations of the US Constitution, or break-up the United States is an attack by the Left on freedom. Barbarians, Godless savages, emperors, kings, tyrants, dictators, Muslims, Nazis, Communists, Socialists, Democrats, and Confederates are all Leftists who have been trying to stop the progress of Christian civilization and destroy its radical ideas for over 2000 years. They all failed.


The battle between Left and Right continues.


[1] Jubal Early, as quoted in A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America (2001), edited by Gary W. Gallagher. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, pp. xxv–xxvi. Per https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Confederate_States_of_America

[2] Peter Welsh, immigrant Union soldier quoted in Irish Green and Union Blue: The Civil War Letters of Peter Welsh, edited by Lawrence Kohl, Fordham University Press (1986) p. 65-66. Per https://longislandwins.com/news/national/immigrants-rush-to-join-the-union-army-why-2/



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