A couple of months ago, we decided to drop out of AARP and join a lesser-known group called AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens). Although AARP has some nice discounts and benefits, and says that it is non-partisan group that does not contribute to political candidates, we felt uncomfortable with AARP. A play helped us see why.

Recently we attended, “The Screwtape Letters”, a play based on a book of the same name by C.S. Lewis. Screwtape is the name of a senior demon in hell who is mentoring his nephew, Wormwood. Screwtape tells Wormwood that one way to lead humans to their side (hell and the devil) is to make sure that they avoid deep thinking by keeping them consumed by “real life”, and by what famous people are doing.

A recent issue of “The AARP Magazine Real Possibilities” features a picture of someone famous on the cover, and numerous articles about real life and famous people. A recent issue of the “AARP Bulletin” includes also includes numerous articles on real life situations. In contrast, a recent issue of “The AMAC Magazine” features a thought provoking article article titled, “The Dark Resurgence of Socialism”. The AMAC magazine does include some helpful “real life” types of information, but the magazine on the whole is much “deeper” than AARP’s publications.

It is obvious that AARP hides their true motives behind “real life” and famous people. The AMAC magazine, on the other hand, does encourage deep thinking. I am not saying that reading AARP’s publications will send you to hell, but I am certain that the devil would much rather have us read magazines with “fluff” like AARP’s, then to have us read and reflect on deep subjects like those in AMAC’s magazine, or in the works of C.S Lewis.

(If you have not read Lewis, I recommend starting with, “Mere Christianity”.)


JSK 18 Mar 2019

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