2.2 Depressed? Look Outside Yourself

Is human nature basically good, or is it basically bad?

If you think it is basically good, then no wonder you are depressed. The news media is constantly telling us about murderers, bullies, rapists, lying politicians, cheating spouses, racists, cruel pet owners, terrorists, and other bad actors. Those who think people are basically good are always going to be disappointed in life. They are never happy with their parents, boss, spouse, kids, friends, and co-workers. Everyone they know is a constant source of disappointment because sooner or later everyone’s flaws are revealed. The fact that so many seemingly good people go bad is very depressing.

Concentrating on our depression by trying to find answers inside ourselves only can make us even more depressed. Since none of us are perfect, all of us have troubling things buried within us. Looking inside ourselves for inspiration reveals more and more reasons to be depressed about ourselves. Happiness begins by thinking about others and then doing things for them.

If you think human nature is basically bad, then it is much harder to get depressed about the latest example of human bad behavior. It is also easier to live with others when you realize that no one is perfect.

In order to save our own lives we must look outside ourselves, surrender our lives, and think first about others. It seems illogical, but only then will we find our lives. When we do, we will find that depression is no longer possible.

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