4.2 All Cultures Are Not Equal

Machu Picchu in Fog

Now and again I have read about the discovery of a tribe of people who have never been exposed to modern conveniences. Unlike the Christian missionaries who traveled all over the world at great personal risk spreading the good news of Christianity and the progress that accompanied it, the modern left-leaning explorer is very reluctant to spoil the purity of a newly discovered culture by exposing the natives to modern culture.

I certainly agree that showing a primitive tribe the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is not a good idea, but if you were a member of one of these primitive tribes would you prefer to be left in your hut in the jungle, or would you like to have the opportunity to learn about the modern world? Would you like your children to have more opportunity than you did? How would you like to be treated? How would you feel if an advanced alien race visited us and decided to withhold their medical and space travel knowledge from us?

Christian missionaries are often now portrayed as people who ruined other cultures, but in truth they really do save those who listen to them. Where in the world would you like to live? Where would you feel the safest? Where are you best able to profit from your work? Where are you the least likely to be killed for your views? Where are you the least likely to be thrown in prison for no reason? Those places have the best cultures, and it is not some weird coincidence that all of them are Christian. If leftist explorers are worried that a primate culture they have discovered will vanish if they tell the people about our culture, then they could stay in the jungle preserving the ancient ways if the native tribe decides to join the modern world.

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