4.3 America’s Economic Foundation

Many people think that capitalism is America’s foundation, but, while it is true that America has a primarily capitalistic economy with a little socialism mixed in, America’s economic system rests on Christianity’s two greatest Commandments: Love God (that includes doing what is right and following the law), and the “Golden Rule” (treat others as you would like to be treated). American Capitalism flows from those principles.

Work hard and efficiently, profit by what you do, but do not cheat other people. Make sure, as best you can, that when you make a deal with someone that it is as good for him or her as it is for you. Respect that fact that a man and a business need to profit from their work to survive. Shun dishonest businesses, and they will vanish for without profit no business can survive.

Our country is the only one that was founded on the two great Christian commandments. They are what makes our country an exception to every other, and have made the U.S.A. exceptional in both senses of the word.


J. S. Kline

30 Nov 2017

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