Draining the Swamp Looks Like the Reformation

Reform never is easy or neat.

Martin Luther seems like the most unlikely person to have started a worldwide reformation, but he did by speaking plainly about things that many others felt. Donald Trump is no Martin Luther, but the things he talks about resonate with people in much the same way that Luther’s words resonated in his time. Both men tied, consciously or not, into the feelings of a large number of people. Both men spoke in a blunt manner for their times, but even the most outrageous things each said have, at their core, at least a grain of truth.

Both men are loved by some and hated by others. It is easy to think that they were men who divided people, but that is too simple a view. They are actually the outgrowth of divisions that already existed. They both drew out those who opposed reform. The swamp dwellers in Rome of 1517 and in today’s Washington, DC revealed that they were working for themselves and their enrichment instead of for Christianity and the Constitution, respectively.

The mainstream media and the DC establishment are frantically trying to discredit President Trump in much the same way that the Pope and the Catholic Church tried to discredit Luther. The media’s efforts are doomed to failure because what Trump ignited can no more be stopped now than could the Reformation.

Politicians who do not want to drain the DC swamp are leaving DC, are being arrested, or are complaining loudly about President Trump in the media; all to no avail.

The same circumstances that swept Donald Trump into office are also sweeping through other parts of our culture. Swamp draining is not limited to DC. After pushing an agenda of sex and sexual perversion for many years, sex scandals are rocking Hollywood. The entertainment industry is imploding. After making incredible amounts of money, some NFL players and much of the sports media have revealed their true feelings about our country. As a result, the popularity and profitability of the NFL is plummeting. All aspects of our culture are being affected by this wave of enlightenment.

What Luther did ignited reform and changed the course of history. Luther and those living in 1517 had no idea where the reforms would lead. Odds are that the United States of America never would have been created if not for Luther and the other reformers. In a way, Luther helped to make the Christian Church great again. In the fog of the information overload of our times, it may not seem like it, but swamp draining is in progress. American is being reformed. It is being made great again.


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