Thoughts After Seeing “The Hiding Place”

Recently we attended a performance of “The Hiding Place”, a play about a Dutch family who hides Jews escaping from the Nazis. As we left the play, my wife said, “Sobering”. That was more than I could say at the time, very sobering indeed. In general, I do not like movies or plays about the … Continue reading Thoughts After Seeing “The Hiding Place”

Misconceptions about the United States of America

The United States of America is a democracy. No, it is not. While the country does use democratic methods to elect many government officials, the United States is a Constitutional Republic. The founders of the country looked back through history and saw that a pure democracy always resulted in tyranny. The country’s Constitution was carefully … Continue reading Misconceptions about the United States of America


A couple of months ago, we decided to drop out of AARP and join a lesser-known group called AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens). Although AARP has some nice discounts and benefits, and says that it is non-partisan group that does not contribute to political candidates, we felt uncomfortable with AARP. A play helped us … Continue reading AARP vs AMAC

2.2 Depressed? Look Outside Yourself

Is human nature basically good, or is it basically bad? If you think it is basically good, then no wonder you are depressed. The news media is constantly telling us about murderers, bullies, rapists, lying politicians, cheating spouses, racists, cruel pet owners, terrorists, and other bad actors. Those who think people are basically good are … Continue reading 2.2 Depressed? Look Outside Yourself

Super Bowl 53 was a great game, Yeah, 53, this is not the Roman Empire.

As a student of the game, this Super Bowl was a fascinating chess match. Who would have thought that those offenses would be held to one touchdown? Both teams had tremendous defensive game plans. This was a championship bout, a slugfest. In the end, the game was decided by outstanding exploitation of a subtle weakness the … Continue reading Super Bowl 53 was a great game, Yeah, 53, this is not the Roman Empire.

Harold Herman in WWI

Corporal, US Army 32nd Division 126th Infantry Excerpts from unpublished, “Chronological Events in the life of Louis T. Herman” By Harold’s father, Louis T Herman~1933 In honor of all of those who have served and their families Note: Original spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure has been retained. All underlines are from the original. Within ten … Continue reading Harold Herman in WWI

Impressions of an NFL Game

I fancy myself the kind of football fan who is a student of the game; one who appreciates the combination of strategy, talent, strength, will to win, situational awareness, external influences (like weather), and luck that make up the game of football. The big thing that separates football from basketball, soccer, baseball, and hockey is … Continue reading Impressions of an NFL Game