5.3 Metrics in Government

The need to have built-in inefficiency is not the only thing that differentiates government from the private sector. Success in business and success in government are measured quite differently. In a business, metrics are an important management tool, but the true and unescapable measure of success is profitability. In government metrics are the only way … Continue reading 5.3 Metrics in Government

5.2 Efficiency and Government

During my government career, I was a part of many project teams. Even though few career government employees are overtly vocal about their political beliefs, I knew that there were liberals, conservatives, and moderates on our teams, and that they had different value systems and beliefs that could be a barrier to teamwork. I thought … Continue reading 5.2 Efficiency and Government

5.1 The 4th Branch of Government

My friend Colonel Thom likes the phrase “passive irresponsibility”. I like that too as a way of explaining our federal government’s frequent failures. No one really means for the health care web site not to work, for VA construction projects to go far over budget, or for Veterans to have to wait and wait and … Continue reading 5.1 The 4th Branch of Government

2.02 Does God Live Up North?

Santa Claus and Superman live at the North Pole. We know that fiction often reflects truth. If the great gift-giver Santa and the powerful Man of Steel both live up north, maybe God does too. The evidence is pretty convincing. We all face consequences for our actions. The farther north you go, the greater the … Continue reading 2.02 Does God Live Up North?

The River Walk San Antonio  

Lots of old battle sites are in a field somewhere where you have to wonder what they were fighting about. Here the city surrounds the Alamo--nearly swallowing it, Confirming the stakes of those horrible days of death with the beat of each tourist's heart and the swipe of each credit card. America happened somehow though … Continue reading The River Walk San Antonio