Harvey, An Act of God

Prayers are often answered in ways that we do not expect. Many people in the United States have been praying that something will bring our country together. In response to Harvey many people are putting aside their differences and are working together. Harvey has brought Houston and much of the country together. However, everyone is … Continue reading Harvey, An Act of God

1.4 Left Versus Right: The Civil War

Why the American Civil War was fought is not a mystery. The Civil War was another bloody chapter in the ongoing conflict between the Left and the Right.   People who were loyal to the Confederacy thought that their logic, perceptions, and experiences enabled them to judge what was best: “Reason, common sense, true humanity … Continue reading 1.4 Left Versus Right: The Civil War

5.7 That Government is Best That Plans Least

For quite some time I had a misconception about government planning. I thought most government planning was harmless. I was wrong. Government planning limits our freedoms. All governments place some degree of limits on their citizens. They might be severe, as in Communism, or minimal, as envisioned by the United States Constitution, but all governments … Continue reading 5.7 That Government is Best That Plans Least

4.2 All Cultures Are Not Equal

Now and again I have read about the discovery of a tribe of people who have never been exposed to modern conveniences. Unlike the Christian missionaries who traveled all over the world at great personal risk spreading the good news of Christianity and the progress that accompanied it, the modern left-leaning explorer is very reluctant … Continue reading 4.2 All Cultures Are Not Equal

5.5 Silos in Government

The complexities of the internal workings of government do not stop with the official hierarchy, inefficiency, and the various underground gorilla, and behind the back networks. Within the bureaucracy you mostly work “horizontally” in that you primarily work with others at the same level of the organization. Depending on the position you have you may … Continue reading 5.5 Silos in Government

5.4 Underground Employee Gorilla Networks in Government

The negative impact of government metrics and performance standards drive many employees underground into what I call Underground Employee Gorilla Networks. These networks thrive because they have resources available to them due to the inherent inefficiency of government. (Government inefficiency, metrics, and performance standards were previously explained in Sections 5.2 and 5.3.) These networks are … Continue reading 5.4 Underground Employee Gorilla Networks in Government