5.10 Government’s Job

Our government is supposed to be there to protect the people; to protect the family and the workings of our civilization. Our nation’s founders never intended for government to take on a life of its own or to replace the responsibilities of the family. The national government in America was and still should be a … Continue reading 5.10 Government’s Job

3.1 The War between the Sexes, 2017

Years ago my brother and I were intently playing with some of our toys. One of our sisters was in the same room doing whatever it was girls do. Suddenly she started loudly crying. We paid little attention to her, but our dad heard her and strode quickly into the room. Without slowing down or … Continue reading 3.1 The War between the Sexes, 2017

5.90 Solutions for Government

Some things that would put government back in its place: Whenever a government scandal pops up, the Administration should immediately freeze spending. If they do not, Congress should. This is sort of analogous to hitting the brakes when you see a deer in the road. Once a problem appears, slow down and see what what … Continue reading 5.90 Solutions for Government

5.91 VA Planning and Construction Program Reforms

I spent my career designing and planning Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) buildings and health care delivery strategies Here are some specific VA reforms needed. The principles underlining these could be also applied to other Departments.   1. Make requests for VA Construction Funding a part of each VA Administration’s budget request, not a part … Continue reading 5.91 VA Planning and Construction Program Reforms

4.3 America’s Economic Foundation

Many people think that capitalism is America’s foundation, but, while it is true that America has a primarily capitalistic economy with a little socialism mixed in, America’s economic system rests on Christianity’s two greatest Commandments: Love God (that includes doing what is right and following the law), and the “Golden Rule” (treat others as you … Continue reading 4.3 America’s Economic Foundation