The Issue of our Period in History

Future historians will look back on the early 2000s and call it a very dark period in history because of one issue that is even more repugnant and evil than slavery. The issue that will define these times is not the virus, Trump, the media, the climate, immigration, the wall, the Constitution, or China. People in the future will look back on these times in horror because of the millions of babies who were killed before they were born. This period will definitely be seen as worse than the period when slavery was legal. 

The science is settled, the unborn are real, living people. We all know deep down inside that abortion is an unspeakable wrong. If you doubt that this is the definitive issue of our time, ask any grown up baby if they should have been aborted.

These dark days must be ended so that every person has an opportunity to be born. Vote only for people who are opposed to abortion. 

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