NFL: Take the Pledge

Would those who have been kneeling during the National Anthem take the Pledge of Allegiance? If an American refuses to take the Pledge of Allegiance it means that they do not accept the fact that America is a Republic, a nation under God, based on the goals of liberty and freedom for all, and/or indivisible. By taking the Pledge, someone is not saying that America has always done the right thing; they are rather acknowledging that America is a place that strives to do the right thing, and where there is freedom to protest and speak your mind. And where young men have the opportunity to make a lot of money playing a game.

Those who say that the President has divided us by calling out the NFL, miss the point. Those who kneel and those in the media who continue to glorify them are the dividers. Our Pledge says that we are indivisible as Americans. That does not mean that we cannot disagree, but it does mean that we cannot remain Americans if we reject what it means to be an American. Think of it this way: Just as you cannot elect to ignore the rules of a game and still say you are playing the game, you cannot reject the Pledge and remain an American. Standing for the National Anthem is not the same thing as saying the Pledge, but not standing for the National Anthem makes one wonder if those who kneel would take the Pledge.

To remove all doubt, let’s start every NFL game with the Pledge. Noncitizens would, of course, not be expected to stand and take it. Let’s see who the non-Americans are.

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