7.0 Abortion

Abortion is the biggest issue of our time and the one that provides the clearest difference between the political Left and Right. 

Those who are for legal abortion say that a pregnant woman and society should consider many things before having a baby. They say that it may be best for the mother and for society as a whole to terminate the life of the baby before it is born. They are using their human reasoning to justify taking a life. They call themselves Pro-Choice which implies that the choices, life or death, are equally valid. They do not know good and evil so they cannot see that choosing abortion is choosing murder. 

Those against abortion do not know anything more about the future than those who are for abortion, but they do know that if a person does what is right, everything will work out for the best even if it is impossible for anyone to see how it could. They call themselves Pro-Life because they know good and evil. They know abortion is murder. 

Abortion is at least as big an issue as war, and much bigger than taxes, immigration, education, health care, and trade because they all affect the living; all can be reversed or overcome. When slavery, another huge evil, was abolished the slaves were freed. But babies cannot be brought back to life after an abortion. An abortion is murder and a society that approves the murder of anyone, including the unborn, is not a just society. Our society will face judgment for each and every abortion just as it faced judgment for each and every slave. 

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