5.10 Government’s Job

Our government is supposed to be there to protect the people; to protect the family and the workings of our civilization. Our nation’s founders never intended for government to take on a life of its own or to replace the responsibilities of the family. The national government in America was and still should be a … Continue reading 5.10 Government’s Job

5.90 Solutions for Government

Some things that would put government back in its place: Whenever a government scandal pops up, the Administration should immediately freeze spending. If they do not, Congress should. This is sort of analogous to hitting the brakes when you see a deer in the road. Once a problem appears, slow down and see what what … Continue reading 5.90 Solutions for Government

5.91 VA Planning and Construction Program Reforms

I spent my career designing and planning Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) buildings and health care delivery strategies Here are some specific VA reforms needed. The principles underlining these could be also applied to other Departments.   1. Make requests for VA Construction Funding a part of each VA Administration’s budget request, not a part … Continue reading 5.91 VA Planning and Construction Program Reforms

5.8 A Transparent Government is an Invisible Government

When I was working for the federal government, we often were told that government operations should be transparent. We knew that meant government operations should not be secret and that the public should know what we were doing. The problem is that words do mean things. Making government operations truly transparent actually makes them invisible. … Continue reading 5.8 A Transparent Government is an Invisible Government

5.7 That Government is Best That Plans Least

For quite some time I had a misconception about government planning. I thought most government planning was harmless. I was wrong. Government planning limits our freedoms. All governments place some degree of limits on their citizens. They might be severe, as in Communism, or minimal, as envisioned by the United States Constitution, but all governments … Continue reading 5.7 That Government is Best That Plans Least

5.5 Silos in Government

The complexities of the internal workings of government do not stop with the official hierarchy, inefficiency, and the various underground gorilla, and behind the back networks. Within the bureaucracy you mostly work “horizontally” in that you primarily work with others at the same level of the organization. Depending on the position you have you may … Continue reading 5.5 Silos in Government

5.4 Underground Employee Gorilla Networks in Government

The negative impact of government metrics and performance standards drive many employees underground into what I call Underground Employee Gorilla Networks. These networks thrive because they have resources available to them due to the inherent inefficiency of government. (Government inefficiency, metrics, and performance standards were previously explained in Sections 5.2 and 5.3.) These networks are … Continue reading 5.4 Underground Employee Gorilla Networks in Government

5.3 Metrics in Government

The need to have built-in inefficiency is not the only thing that differentiates government from the private sector. Success in business and success in government are measured quite differently. In a business, metrics are an important management tool, but the true and unescapable measure of success is profitability. In government metrics are the only way … Continue reading 5.3 Metrics in Government

5.2 Efficiency and Government

During my government career, I was a part of many project teams. Even though few career government employees are overtly vocal about their political beliefs, I knew that there were liberals, conservatives, and moderates on our teams, and that they had different value systems and beliefs that could be a barrier to teamwork. I thought … Continue reading 5.2 Efficiency and Government