It’s not about Proving Voter Fraud

No, it’s not about proving that there was fraud, it is about proving there was not. If our elected officials at the local, county and state levels cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt an election was an accurate reflection of the will of the people, then the results are meaningless. In elections, the burden of … Continue reading It’s not about Proving Voter Fraud

To Those Who May be Feeling Guilty

As more and more circumstantial evidence of voter fraud surfaces, we are also hearing from whistleblowers. The apparent scale of the fraud means that many people must have participated. No doubt many of them firmly believe that defeating President Trump is fully justified and that any means to do so are just fine. But there … Continue reading To Those Who May be Feeling Guilty

The Democrat Party’s Last Stand

Much has been said about the problems the Republican Party is having. Sure, some Republicans do not like what President Trump says, but if those problems were not magnified by the news media, few would notice. On the other hand, relatively little has been said about the problems in the Democrat Party. Due to the … Continue reading The Democrat Party’s Last Stand

The Free Trade, Open Borders Virus 

Let’s go back in time. Question: What if, years ago, our leaders had decided that free trade with Communist China was not in our country’s best interests? Answer: Assuming that the Communist government held onto control, today mainland China would be an isolated country with little contact with the free world. They would be much … Continue reading The Free Trade, Open Borders Virus 

Government Closes Churches

Citizens banned from assembling  In response to a worldwide pandemic, governments around the world have united to stop people from assembling and meeting. Many citizens around the world are now confined to their homes. Most people affected have not resisted these decrees and are complying with the new social distancing standards. Most media outlets are … Continue reading Government Closes Churches

Time to Toss AMENDMENT XVII into History’s Dumpster 

The 17th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution changed the way Senators are selected. Originally Senators were appointed by the States. Now Senators are elected by the people of the State. The original idea was that Senators would be there to represent their States thus bringing a different perspective to legislation and appointments than the … Continue reading Time to Toss AMENDMENT XVII into History’s Dumpster 

Why Term Limits are a Bad Idea

As we learn more and more about Washington corruption, it has become increasingly obvious that there really is a corrupt Washington bureaucracy, a “swamp”. The recent impeachment fiasco put a spotlight on the House and the Senate. How many of these elected officials showed themselves to be true statesmen who put country and Constitution first?  … Continue reading Why Term Limits are a Bad Idea

Thoughts After Seeing “The Hiding Place”

Recently we attended a performance of “The Hiding Place”, a play about a Dutch family who hides Jews escaping from the Nazis. As we left the play, my wife said, “Sobering”. That was more than I could say at the time, very sobering indeed. In general, I do not like movies or plays about the … Continue reading Thoughts After Seeing “The Hiding Place”

Misconceptions about the United States of America

The United States of America is a democracy. No, it is not. While the country does use democratic methods to elect many government officials, the United States is a Representative Republic. The founders of the country looked back through history and saw that a pure democracy always resulted in tyranny. The country’s Representative Republic was … Continue reading Misconceptions about the United States of America