A Barbaric Pursuit of Power

So let me set this straight. Destruction of our free society is the goal of our government.

Our government has banned the teaching of the Christian religion in public schools despite the clear wording of the First Amendment to the Constitution. In doing so, the government has also banned the teaching of morality; the teaching of what is right and what is wrong.

Our government has taken little action to limit the violence in movies, videos, and video games which are aggressively marketed to our youth.

Our government has made the killing of the unborn legal, and has encouraged the practice of abortion by funding organizations who support the abortion industry.

Our government has refused to secure our national borders which has allowed our nation to be flooded with drugs which are killing large numbers of our fellow citizens, and which are creating serious mental health problems.

Our government created panic, shut down businesses and churches, and put travel restrictions on its citizens in a failed attempt to control a virus. The government’s actions have resulted in an increase of mental illness, drug addiction, and suicide; outcomes that are much worse than illness from the virus itself.

Our government has taken numerous actions that have resulted in not only an increase in anxiety and mental illness, but have also made it very difficult to keep dangerous individuals away from the rest of society. The idea that mental illness is somehow a normal condition has resulted in huge numbers of untreated mentally ill people with nowhere to live.

Our government encouraged forcing citizens to take experimental vaccines in order to work or travel in violation of medical privacy laws laws and personal religious beliefs.

Our government has released people who have been charged with violent crimes from custody.

Our government has created confusion in our youth by encouraging the idea that people can choose their sex. This is in clear conflict with biological fact.

Our government’s polices have nearly destroyed the traditional family and have eliminated fathers from the lives of many children.

Our government has refused to enforce existing immigration and gun laws.

Our government has not supported our police.

The government has not prosecuted those who rioted and destroyed property in many of our cities.

Our government has encouraged restrictions on free speech and the persecution of those who speak out against governmental excesses.

The government could not have succeeded in doing all these things without the active support of most of the news media, most of the entertainment and sports industries, and most of social media.

These government actions, supported by our media, entertainment, and high tech companies, have resulted in vast numbers of people who have no concept of right and wrong. They are people with no moral compass and with no compassion for others.

Now, instead of correcting the problems it created, our government with the support of our media, have united in opposition to the Second Amendment by trying to once again take weapons away from law abiding people.

We do not have a Second Amendment to insure hunters can hunt. We have a Second Amendment to protect ourselves from criminals, and, more importantly, from government tyranny. The United States of America is the freest and most powerful country in world history. The United States has improved the world more than any other. It remains the place where people seeking freedom want to go. None of this is in spite of our Second Amendment. All of this is because we have a Constitution that limits government, and because our citizens have the God-given right to defend themselves. As President Reagan said, “Government is the problem”.

A free society cannot continue to exist without morality and the rule of law. Our government is out of control and is destroying our youth, our economy, and our future in a ruthless and barbaric pursuit of power.

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