Biden’s Afghanistan is No Mistake

The media is reporting that the Biden Administration’s handling of the Afghanistan is a a fiasco and a huge mistake. While it is a fiasco and the immediate results may well have been unexpected, the long term goals of the Biden Administration and the political left are greatly advanced by the chaos in Afghanistan and the region.

An influx of more refugees into the west will further weaken the west as will the arms and cash that the Taliban have recovered. The Biden administration and other leftist governments are using this fiasco to help cement their power. The Taliban, the Communist Chinese, the Democratic Party, and every other group on the left are committed to undermining the United States Constitution and attacking Christianity. Their long-range goals may vary, but they all see the Constitution and Christianity as common enemies. The Taliban is an obviously barbaric group, and yet they are embraced or ignored by the Communist Chinese, parts of the Canadian government, and Social Media. (I recently spoke with an intelligent left-leaning American woman who had no idea how the Taliban and other extreme Muslims treat women.) That said, what could be more barbaric than abortion? Or more barbaric than the countless number of people killed by Communist China? The policies of the left in the Western world and Communist China have killed far more innocents than the Taliban and the other extreme Muslim groups who we categorize as terrorists and barbarians. Everyone on the left is a barbarian.

In previous posts I have explained that the goal of the political left is to return us to the way that man was governed before the rise of Christian Civilization. In particular the left wants a return to the the way the world was before United States of America was created. They believe the limited form of government created by the U.S. Constitution must be destroyed. Those on the left are the true traditionalists and conservatives who want to return the world to the way it was before Christian ideas took hold and eventually resulted in the creation of the United States. When you considers the goals of the left, it is not a stretch to conclude that the chaos in Afghanistan is but a preview of a world ruled by the left.

There is hope. The left has tried numerous times to crush the right, but each time they have failed due to their own actions. Jesus Himself said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. I strongly believe His point especially was aimed at those on the left. Each leftist believes that the ends justify the means. That is the way they live and view life. The problem, of course, is that when you think you know what is best and act, you are impacting others who also think they know what is best. The inevitable conflicts cause the left to defeat itself. What is right is not determined by what humans think. What is right eventually crushes the left because what is right is bigger than humankind.

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