Big City Suicide and Rebirth

Once I thought that big cities, like Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Oakland, and Milwaukee, were run by people who really wanted to have great cities with balanced budgets, safe streets, and booming economies. I thought that their desire to tax heavily and spend more than they took in was intended somehow to support those goals, but had consequences the city fathers never anticipated. In other words I thought these civic leaders were well intentioned, but naive. 

I was the naive one, and was very wrong. The people who run these cities intended to drive out successful people, they intended to cripple small businesses, they intentionally ruined their schools, and they intended for their city to be constantly in the red. They never cared about having a safe city; quite the opposite, they wanted a city that was unattractive to anyone not trapped there by circumstance. Visit these cities and you see empty factories, boarded up buildings, crumbling bridges, potholed streets, unruly students, crime, homelessness, drugs, and hopelessness. This was all part of the plan. These big cities intentionally committed suicide. 

Once dead, the city fathers could and did rebuild these cities as they wanted. They got to work insuring that city residents became more and more dependent on government, and less and less aware of the reasons the city declined. They got to work blaming others for their failed schools, crime, drugs, homelessness, and failed water systems. With this level of lies and disinformation, and with largely disinterested residents, elections in these large cities became more and more corrupt. Hard-left Democrats and a few naive useful idiots magically won almost every city election. Today we have reached the point that these large corrupt cities can generate enough legal and illegal votes in State and National elections to offset virtually any number of Conservative votes cast in the rest of their States. 

By destroying their cities, the left has made them “born-again” leftist paradises for the relatively few rich and powerful at the top. Their power is absolute and extends outside their city limits since they are the king makers at the State and National levels. By this method the left now controls many States. 

We live in a very big city, a city which is well on its way to being totally corrupted by power mad leftists, but we spend several months a years in a tiny Township with literally fewer than 100 people who are eligible to vote. Guess which place is better run? In the Township even a $45 water system repair is discussed at some length by the part-time Township Board. Clearly our democratic republic functions best when the government is close to the people. 

It is time to rethink what a city should be. Perhaps cities should be changed into a collection of small autonomous townships and villages. Whatever the eventual solutions, it is time to stop the naivety and kill off the city as we know it so that it can be reborn as something of, by, and for the people. 

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