Joe Biden Should Concede

Conceding would be the right thing to do since it has become obvious to anyone who has objectively reviewed the election results that election irregularities were the reason Mr. Biden appeared to win. Accepting the Presidency under this cloud would seriously harm the Republic and undermine American faith in our election system. Mr. Biden, as a long time Senator, knows this better than most people. Once he does the right thing and concedes he will go down in history as a great Patriot and man of character. What better way to end a long career.

In gratitude for this heroic act, the President would no doubt pardon Mr. Biden and his son, thus preventing them from being prosecuted for profiting from Vice President Biden’s position.

The Biden’s should also donate a significant sum of money to charitable causes. It would be no surprise if Mr. Biden were to be awarded the Medal of Freedom. And what better name for the Washington Football team than the Washington Hunters!

Please urge Mr. Biden to do the right thing and concede. Come on man!


When I wrote the original post above I was not seriously thinking that Joe would concede, but as I have thought about it more I have become convinced that he should concede. We want national unity. The best way to achieve it, maybe the only way short of war, would be for Mr. Biden to acknowledge that the election was not fair and that he would not have won a fair election. If he were to concede the majority of his followers would accept the election result. Conversely if he does not concede, the majority of the country will not accept him as a legitimate president. Why would they when they know the election was not fair? Another reason for him to concede is that he would then not be facing the pressure to withdraw in favor of a VP who is unqualified and a political enemy. 

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