It’s not about Trump

After the election many people, including some Trump supporters, have said he lost because of his personality, and the tone of many of his Tweets. They say they wish he would quit calling other people names and bullying them. Fine, they can think that, but his enemies do not oppose him because of his personality, and that’s not why the election turned out the way it did. 

Many of the same people who think Trump’s personality was his downfall also acknowledge that Mr. Biden got more votes because of massive election fraud. Since that does appear to be true, obviously Trump’s personality did not hurt him. (In fact it may have helped him more than it hurt him.) 

But let’s set election fraud aside for a bit and look at the people who oppose Trump. I am not talking now about regular folk who are not aware of the issues; those who get their news exclusively from the main-stream media. I am talking about those who oppose him for what he is actually doing. They do not care about Trump’s personality. If they did they would also be appalled by virtually every major politician. Almost every one of them is narcissistic and self-centered. Hillary, Bill, Joe, Mitt, the Turtle, Chuck, Nancy, Phil, Roberts, Kamala, Obama etc. all have narcissistic streaks in their personalities. Trump’s enemies do not care about his personality. Before he ran for President, he was no problem to them. He was just another billionaire with an attitude. Once he ran they did not suddenly become horrified by his well known personality. They became obsessed with stopping him from defending the Constitution, from draining the swamp, from taking on China, from stopping illegal immigration, from making sure our country is treated fairly by other countries, from protecting the unborn, from defending the 2nd Amendment, and from all of the other things he did to Make America Great again. 

Long before Trump came along, his supporters have been wanting to make America great again. His supporters are strongly in favor of what he is doing. As others have said, the key to understanding Trump is to take him seriously, but not literally. Behind every verbal outburst is an important issue. Despite the best efforts of the main-stream media to make the election about Trump’s personality, the election was not about which of the two candidates was less of a jerk than the other; the election was a choice between the American experiment of a government of the people, and the ages old top-down government currently called Socialism. Trump is a man, no more or less a sinner than any other. None of our politicians can save us, or make us fulfilled as human beings. Trump ran on a platform that defends the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. That platform is what the election was about. Are we a nation locked away by government with its people cowering and masked in fear? Or are we “the land of the free and the home of the brave”? 

Let us get back to election fraud. What can we do? Citizens in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia should contact their State legislators, and ask them to look at the evidence and do the right thing.  Everyone should urge their Senators and Representatives in Washington to endorse the objections to the Presidential election. Fraud has been alleged and the States in question have not been able to show there was no fraud. Many people, including me, have lost faith in the integrity of our elections. To pass on this now just encourages more fraud and further erodes what so many people have died to defend: our God-given right to be self governed. There is nothing wrong with using the provisions in our Constitution enabling our Senators and Representatives to fight this fraud. Urge them to do the right thing. It may seem to make no difference now, but in the grand scheme of life it does always end best when we do what is right. 

Even if someone honestly believes that Trump should not be reelected, they must realize that destroying our election system to defeat him is very short-sighted. Cheating harms our Republic. 

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