Good News

This election has shown that cheating is the only way that leftists can win in most parts of our country. I strongly suspect that even in some of the “Blue” cities, a fraud-free election would be very close. 

By showing us how they cheat, the left has given the right a road map for fixing our election systems. 

Even though our media, deep state, entertainment, and sports are dominated by leftists, they still are having trouble taking over the country due to the checks and balances built into our government. 

The election has drawn even more of the bad guys out into the open. Some of the people who we thought were fair and balanced have turned out to be sympathetic to the left. 

Those are all good things, but I do understand this is a bad situation. The bad news is bad indeed. If Mr. Biden does become President, the House stays Democrat, and the Senate is flipped to Democrat by the Georgia run-off election, the country is in serious trouble. Some say it will cease to be the home of the free. Why do we go through one series of struggles after another? 

The way life works often does not seem fair to us. Why do some people want to tear down the USA? Why do we have disease, why do people do evil things, why do natural disasters happen? If there is a God, why does He allow these things to happen? But God does not allow bad things things to happen. We do. He gave us free will. He designed us and our world in such a way that we have to be “born again” in order to see the world for what it is. No one sees the difference between good and evil until they have gone through something that tests them beyond the limit. It could be a father’s discipline, it could be jail time, it could be war, it could be a fraud filled election, or it could be something else, but if you see the black and white nature of our world, then you have been “born again”. Nations follow the same path. Our nation was born out of a struggle with the world’s greatest power, and had a rebirth after the blood bath of the Civil War. Now we face a different kind of struggle. Now more eyes will be opened, and our nation will eventually be born again. Hopefully it will not take the same amount of death and destruction as the last time. I do know that the left will not go down easily. They never do, but the really good news is that they never, ever win. Something will happen to ruin the evil schemes of the bad guys. It always does. Good news indeed. 

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