It’s not about Proving Voter Fraud

No, it’s not about proving that there was fraud, it is about proving there was not.

If our elected officials at the local, county and state levels cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt an election was an accurate reflection of the will of the people, then the results are meaningless.

In elections, the burden of proof rests on those responsible for conducting the elections. Our elected officials must be able to show that:

1. The number of registered voters is equal to or less than the number of eligible residents.

2. All registered voters are only registered in one location.

3. All registered voters are legally eligible to vote.

4. The number of votes is equal to or less than the number of registered voters.

5. An unusually high voter turnout is supported by proof.

6. Each vote was cast by a registered voter.

7. No voter voted more than once or voted in a different location.

8. All votes were tabulated with representatives of all interested parties present.

9. A recount can be conducted using ballots completed by each voter.

If election officials cannot provide proof of these things, then our elected officials must declare the election to be invalid.

We must hold election officials and our elected representatives to a very high standard. We must insist that they prove to each of us that an election was properly conducted. Our representative republic rests on this foundation. Call, email, text, or talk with your elected office holders and demand proof. Quit buying into the idea that someone has to prove fraud. They must prove there was not. Not just for this election, but for every single one,

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