The Democrat Party’s Last Stand

Much has been said about the problems the Republican Party is having. Sure, some Republicans do not like what President Trump says, but if those problems were not magnified by the news media, few would notice. On the other hand, relatively little has been said about the problems in the Democrat Party. Due to the success of the President and the Republicans in taking on China, appointing originalist judges, making peace in the Middle Peace, slowing illegal immigration, strengthening the economy, negotiating better trade agreements, and cutting regulations, the main stream news has been forced to drop what remained of their appearance of impartiality. Due to the success of the President, the Democrat Party has been forced to oppose almost all of Republican achievements. The Democrat Party has never been on the right side of the issues, but they were seen as the party of the little guy. Now they are increasingly seen as the radical Party with no common sense. They are a Party of radicals who want to trash America’s founding documents, of billionaires who want to continue to operate their monopolies, and of Socialists who want to abandon the free market. 

I read the other day that millennials are driving up the price of big tech stocks to insane levels. The experts quoted said that levels that high are just not supported by the normal way the market evaluates stocks. The article went on to say that the millennials who are driving up the stock prices are idiots. I do not think they are. These investors think that when the free market system is abandoned for a form of socialism that the only companies that will be making money will be the big tech monopolies who will have more power than ever. 

Imagine what happens when the effort to make America Socialist fails. It might fail in this election. President Trump has a very good chance of being reelected. But even if the President should lose and the Democrats get power, they will eventually fail as more and more Americans see what the Democrats and the main stream media are really doing. Socialism always fails. The only questions are when and what will be the cost. 

In this election, it is the Democrats who have their backs against the wall. They have been losing every policy battle for the last 4 years. We must never forget that those on the Right, now represented by President Trump and the Republicans, are the heirs of the Union and the American Revolution, and are continuing the revolution against those who want to take away the freedoms guaranteed by our founding documents. 

While it would be wonderful if the Republicans sweep these elections, whether they do or not, they are in the right, and they will eventually defeat the left once again. It took a horrible Civil War to defeat the last serious attempt to destroy the USA. Let’s pray it does not have to come to that again. Either way the Democrat Party is toast. They will probably be replaced with a Party composed of traditional Democrats and never Trumpers. 


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