And in a Partial Score: Virus 21,411

Just to go on record 

From the start of the media coverage of the virus, the facts as reported have not added up or made sense.

George Carlin did a skit where he gave some sports scores. Here’s one of his partial scores: “Chicago 6”. Well, is that news good or bad news for your team? Wouldn’t it be nice to know the sport, the teams, and the other team’s score? 

Okay, so the media breathlessly reports what amounts to a partial score: 21,411 USA COVID-19 deaths (as of today, Easter Sunday 2020). In a separate report I heard the number is probably low. Then I heard the number may be high. Okay, it is bad for anyone to die before their time, but the number of deaths is like a partial sports score. We need the full story and some answers: 

  • How many people in total have died in the same time frame of all causes? How many in that period died with any infective diseases? 
  • Oh wait, what is the time frame? 
  • How many people normally die in the same time frame? How many normally die of infective disease? 
  • How many people died of the seasonal flu in the same period? 
  • Did the reported COVID-19 number include people who died WITH the virus, or only those whose death was primarily caused by the virus AND who were tested and found to have the virus? 
  • Does the death count include untested people who were “presumed” to have the virus? 
  • Was guidance provided by the government on how to report CVID-19 deaths? 
  • If so, was the guidance consistent with guidance provided for the seasonal flu and other pandemics? Was it the same as for the 2009-2010 swine flu? 
  • Who died? What were their ages? Their sex? Their race? Their other health issues? How many were already in hospice care? How many were children? How many were health care workers? 
  • What evidence exists to indicate that the “number” is probably too low? Is there any evidence that it is high or low? 

It would also be helpful to know:

  • When did the first cases appear in China? 
  • Is it true that the virus did not spread to other areas of China? 
  • How many have died in China from the virus? 
  • When did the virus appear in the USA? 
  • How many people have been exposed? How many have it? How many have recovered? 
  • Does the virus affect Asians differently than other races? 
  • Do Germany and Italy use the same rules for determining cause of death? Does China? Are the USA rules the same as any of them? 
  • Was there some thought behind closing down elective medical procedures? How many people may die as a result of not being able to have a colonoscopy, or other diagnostic procedures? 
  • Since when does the government get to decide what things in our society are essential? 
  • And why do they call a computer prediction based on educated guesses a model? If I were Christie Brinkley or Tom Brady’s wife I’d be insulted. 
  • If we are so concerned about death, why do we abort so many babies? 

So 21,411 deaths certainly is bad news, but based on the unanswered questions above, it is only a partial score. Do I know the final score? Do I have the answers? Can any conclusions be made based on a partial score? Nope. 

Does anyone know? Who knows, maybe some of the talking heads on TV know, maybe none of them do. There are so many opinions out there that at least one of them may have something right. 

Speaking of the talking heads on TV, do any of them have an agenda? How does the reporting on this pandemic compare to previous pandemics? 

How are we going to pull back people from their panic? Does someone benefit from a panicked public? Who? 

The economy has been murdered. The media is standing over its body spouting partial scores and inciting panic. Do I know exactly what is going on? No, but foul play of some kind is at the bottom of it. This massive shut down of the world economy is unnecessary. The global panic is unnecessary. Let’s turn the USA loose again and win this thing. 

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