The Free Trade, Open Borders Virus 

Let’s go back in time.

Question: What if, years ago, our leaders had decided that free trade with Communist China was not in our country’s best interests?

Answer: Assuming that the Communist government held onto control, today mainland China would be an isolated country with little contact with the free world. They would be much like Cuba or North Korea: Communist, poor, and technologically backward. In hindsight it seems obvious that many of the things that we now import from China, would still be made here, or elsewhere in the free world. Whether the COVID-19 virus escaped from a research lab or a wet market would not matter much to the rest of the world since travel from China would be very tightly controlled, like it is in Cuba and North Korea. 

But our leaders back then decided that free trade with Communist China was good. For many years, Donald Trump and others have been saying that our dealings with China were a very bad idea. They were ridiculed by many, but they were right and now we are paying a heavy price. Thousands of people all over the world have died, many are ill, and, perhaps more ominously, the world economy has been dealt a serious blow. All of those cheap goods we imported from Communist China no longer seem worth the price we are now paying. 

China did not tell the rest of the world the truth about the COVD-19 virus, and continues to spread disinformation. So, they should face, and are facing, consequences. But what about all of those in the free world who opened their doors to China? Perhaps those who thought trading freely with a country run by a repressive Communist government meant well, but it has now been proven to have been an incredibly bad and costly decision.

If you know your neighbor is a thief, but you encourage him to come into your home, and he steals from you, who is at fault? Now is the time to not only hold China responsible for its actions, but also the time to make sure the leaders of our country are not people who would allow something like this to happen again. 

The world is filled with evil regimes. We know it is. Communist China is one of them. We can and should blame China for doing what it did to make the damage done by this virus so much worse than it could have been, however this never would have happened if we had not become so dependent on China. Perhaps those who let Communist China into our country did mean well, but they were wrong. Evil is evil and it is time we stopped being naive about it. The time for ignoring and trashing the messengers has past. You may not like President Trump, but he was right about China and protecting our borders. Communist China is against us, let’s unite against them behind the President and the others who tried to warn us. 

Stop and really think about it. To the United States and the rest of the free world, this is the Free Trade and Open Borders virus. 

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