To Those on the Right

So you are sitting in your foxhole with your buddies hesitating to move out and mop up the enemy who your side just badly defeated, and the guy next to you, a pretty savvy guy, says, “You know, the last order from the Old Man could have been better written. It was a little too direct and not very polished. Maybe he did just single-handedly win the last battle, but I don’t think he should be sending out those tweets. Maybe following him is just not a good idea.” The idea spreads from foxhole to foxhole; maybe everyone should wait until the Old Man wises up, or until he is replaced. As the discussions in the foxholes continue, the enemy begins to take foxhole after foxhole brutally killing all of the distracted occupants just as they said they would. As this continues, the discussions in the foxholes increasingly blame the Old Man. “Maybe…” some of the savvy guys are saying, “…some of the things the enemy says about the Old Man are true. We are losing a lot of foxholes.”

What is familiar about this?

The left wants to wipe all things right off the face of the earth. They are wrong about abortion, race relations, the climate, gun control, gay marriage, cultural equivalency, religion, American history, and pretty much everything thing else. And yet, many on the right cannot shut up, and do their jobs to help defeat the left. If you are a pundit on the right and still think you have some point to make that proves President Trump is human, get over it, and start directing all of your attacks on the left. They are the enemy.

The left is 100% united against President Donald Trump who is the leader of the right whether you like him or not. The right won the election. The right, in theory, controls Congress, the Supreme Court, and most state governments.

All of you on the right, start acting like we won, get out of your little foxhole, and help our leader win. This is our time to make America…well, you know.

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